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Official Montane Packaging Partner

Gallant Engineering is a leading firm specializing in delivering top-notch packaging and pumping solutions to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and pharmaceutical industries. They provide state of the art Premade Pouch Fill and Seal machinery at economical prices. Montane is proud to partner with Gallant to bring this revolutionary machinery to our clients.


(varies by configuration)


Single Lane:

 15 - 40 PPM

Double Lane:

 30 - 80 PPM

Bag Size

(varies by configuration)

Width Options:

 Max. 250 mm (Single)

 Max 350 mm (Single & Double)

Length Options:

 80 - 120 mm (Single & Double)

 100 - 240 mm (Single & Double)

 150 - 400 mm (Single Only)



Available in Single and Double Lane Configurations

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